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MSxBWD Available Now

Today I’m excited to announce my new collaboration with the world-renowned Bamford Watch Department.  This timepiece is a Super Matte black Rolex Daytona with MGTC (military grade titanium coating) featuring custom artwork — a tiny skull from my Glorious Excess (Dies) exhibition.

My band-mates and I have been expanding the boundaries of our wearable releases—making some even more ubiquitous and easily accessible, and others distinctly limited and aspirational.  In the range of our offerings, this timepiece sets a new bar for the latter.  It is, of course, not something our average fan can buy.  For most, it exists as an idea, a wearable piece of art.

For the limited few that are interested in purchasing one, head over to Bamford Watch Department’s site HERE.

MS x BWD on water

MS x BWD in box

To see paintings from the inspiration of this timepiece, see my GLORIOUS EXCESS art HERE.

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